Cristina & Tim's Page
Trips -- 2009-present
Maritime Provinces with Backroads 2017
Vienna-Prague Hike 2017
Japan 2016 with Charles & Keiko
Scotland 2015
Turkey 2014
Channel Islands
Hoebers' Cabin Trip
Spring Training 2014
Bay Bridge Biking
Family Fun in Dunsmuir
Canada 2013: Trip Up / Rockies Hiking / Trip Back
Tuolomne Camp 2013
Roadtrip (click each):   Mammoth  /  Sedona  / Carlsbad
Carol Yuki-e and Charley's Big Apple wedding         
Oregon, Washington by car, bike, kayak & ferry         
Camping & Hiking with Patricia & Phoebe         
Spain Hiking & Touring with George & Camille          
Alexandria & DC - Starring Sarah, Jane & Tiki          
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont          
Hiking in Mammoth in Great Company          
Road Trip and Inn to Inn Hiking          
Visiting Leah, David, Sarah & our Nation's Capitol          
Road trip to Oregon          
Roadtrip to the Southwest          
Skiing at Mt. Shasta          
Kauai to start 2011          
Leah, David and ... Sarah ! in DC          
DeWolves in Dunsmuir          
Italian Friends Visit Berkeley          
Tim & Cristina in New Orleans & Florida          
Leah and David Get Married          
Avila Beach with Emily 2010          
Palm Springs Invitational 2010          
Italy with Jan & Lucio, et al.          
Summer 2009 at Lake Tahoe          
Salt Point Camping with Patricia & Kermit          
Summer 2009 in DC and Williamsburg          
Sunol with Patricia and Kermit          
Avila Beach with Emily          
In Cabo With Skip and Robin          
Palm Springs Invitational          
Previous Trips
Cristina's Big Island Birthday          
Monterey 2008          
Bass Lake 2008          
San Francisco Embarcadero (closed to traffic)          
Backpacking in the Trinity Wilderness          
Palm Springs (North) Golf Tournament          
Savannah, Hilton Head, Cape San Blas          
Briones Hike March 2008          
San Felipe Spring 2008          
Sugar Loaf Ridge - Sonoma 2008          
Tucson 2008          
Palm Springs 2008          
Mammoth 2007
Kauai 2007
Cathedral Lakes Hike 2007
Dunsmuir 2007
Other parts of Spain 2007
Walking the Camino de Santiago
Washington, D.C. November 2006
England, Scotland, Netherlands - Sept. 2006
Florida May 2006
Dunsmuir Winter 2006
Tucson Time Share 2006
Palm Springs Golf Tourney 2006
Palm Springs Wine Whiners 2005
Sonoma Camping 2005
Mammoth Hikes 2005
Avila Beach Trip 2005
10 Lakes Basin Backpack trip 2005
Dunsmuir 2005
Peru 2004
Hiking along the John Muir Trail in the 1960s
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